12-Month Transformational Leadership Journey

Leading Others Starts with Leading Yourself

Strengthen Your “Core” Leadership Capacity · Multiply (X) Transformation Into Others
· Leave a Legacy of Impact and Influence

Welcome to X·Core

Leaders Define Culture

“X·Core is a 12-Month leadership program designed to help you strengthen your “Core” leadership capacity, multiply (X) transformation into others and leave a legacy of influence. Our promise is to equip you with practical tools and a proven strategy you can begin using immediately with your team.”
– Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram
Co-Founders of GiANT Worldwide

Who is It For?

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders who want to learn how to lead their teams or sectors with more intentionality.

Business Owners

Business owners who want to begin expanding or developing their team members.

H.R. Directors

H.R. Directors who are looking for a process to begin implementing throughout their organization.

Non-Profit Leaders

Non-profit leaders who want to learn how to effectively apprentice the leaders inside their organization.

Board Members

Anyone currently serving on a Board of Directors or Advisory Board.

Other Leaders

Anyone who is currently in a leadership position who wants to take their ability to the next level.

Program Layout

What is Involved?

  • 6 FORUMS

    Each of the 6 forums introduce brand new concepts and tools. They are also an opportunity to bring everyone from all of the groups together to interact, build relationships and learn new leadership principles.


    CORE Groups create a safe environment for peer accountability and encouragement. Each group of 6 – 8 members meets twice a month online to share experiences and reinforce the learning from the previous retreat.

  • 1:1 COACHING

    Experience tells us that retreats alone are not enough to create lasting transformation. We provide one-to-one coaching opportunities each month that allow you to go deeper and apply the learning directly to your life.


    Access to the GiANT vault of online resources. We will provide you with every resource you need to take your learning back to your team. This will include videos, workbooks, presentations, and tools.

Results Attendees Experience

What Others Are Saying


“My life was revolutionized by the content. My family took a turn for “gold” as I learned how to be a liberator to my wife and children. My work-life changed as I daily worked at liberating myself and others. XCore is an awesome, life-changing experience.”

– Handre De Jongh, Program Director for Money Life, Crown Financial


“I am overwhelmed by the clarity that this process has brought to our Executive Team. Understanding each of our wiring & voices has brought us together as a team and has begun to guide our decisions within our organization to ensure each team member is in the right seat. It has been amazing to watch all of the participants and teams comes to life!”

– Angela Cottrell,
Director of HR, Bailey International


“WOW. I quickly realized how unconsciously incompetent I was in many areas of leadership at work and at home. Our teams feel more supported and challenged than ever and we are already seeing the fruit of this program with increased productivity, morale and better attitudes all around.”

– John DeAngelis,
Founder, DeAngelis Diamond Construction Inc.

Brandon Hutchins

“Unbelievably powerful. I now have a myriad of practical leadership tools to implement inside my organizations.”

– Brandon Hutchins, President & CEO, Gaskins


“It is much more than a program. It’s guidance, practical, and life changing. It has made me a better person, husband, father, and general leader in all circles of influence.”

– Mickey Daniell, Learning Power Team Lead, Southern Co.

Andrew Dahl

“This has been the largest factor in transforming my leadership and has resulted in tremendous growth.”

– Andrew Dahl, CEO, Dahl Automotive

X Core is a transformational leadership system that will make you more effective, while also giving you an operational system that will consistently benefit your organizational culture.

The benefits to your organization are significant and it starts with you. When you are closer to 100% health as a leader it creates a trickle down effect on your family, team and organization. When you are fully alive it causes your work and culture to improve. We believe that healthy things grow and GiANT is completely focused on healthy growth of leaders, teams and organizations.

X Core will help you shine as a leader due to the unique GiANT self-awareness process that will maximize your influence. This will cause you to become a leader everyone wants to work for and thus impact your team and organization in the process.

You will end the year with a celebration as you will feel better about yourself than you may have ever before due to the personal growth and transformation in the life of those you lead and influence.

Not only is X Core a powerful self-awareness and team leadership system, but it is also apart of the Liberator Network. The people you will meet are world changers and when you combine the tools of GiANT with the quality network of people you get an environment of people working together to help everyone get to the next level.

We have taken the best of several different leadership methodologies to create something that works. The end result is a leader who has dealt with the real issues, grown in the process of becoming a leader people want to follow and then learns to multiply a liberating leadership lifestyle in to those they lead.

We help build better companies by helping to create better leaders.