Develop your leaders. Align your people. Xcelerate your growth.

A 12-Month In-Person Program to help you accelerate your growth by developing your people.

Xcelerate is designed for organizations who have experienced these issues:

  • Little or no time to work “on” the organization
  • Want a more robust strategic plan for future growth
  • Desire greater alignment among team members
  • Find themselves “firefighting” too often
  • Need more leaders so you can expand
  • Have no system in place to develop employees
  • Struggle to get the best from some employees
  • Want to intentionally shape organizational culture

Xcelerate is a 12-month process that will help you leverage your greatest asset - your people - to expand and grow your organization.

This systematic process will help you...

Build your future growth map and the required leadership roles to sustain that growth.

Increase your team’s alignment & focus.

Identify a clear and compelling vision & mission.

Establish stronger client relationships.

Work “on” the organization vs. “in” the organization.

Develop your leaders to have more capacity, productivity and satisfaction.

Build self-aware and self-led employees.

Create better hiring standards.

Who is it For?

Leadership Teams

Xcelerate is specifically designed transform the way that teams operate. The strategies and tools we will be covering will be particularly powerful for organizations who can quickly implement and apply the learning.

10 Organizations Per Cohort

Each Xcelerate cohort will have a maximum capacity of 10 organizations. We intentionally limit the number of organizations in order to maintain a high quality experience and transformation.

3 - 5 Leaders Per Organization

Each of the 10 organizations can bring a maximum of 5 team members to participate in the program.

What is the Format?

The Xcelerate program is a 12-month process and that utilizes a mix of forums, team exercises, and performance coaching. Each of these vehicles are designed to help you and your team learn new concepts, tools and strategies, and then begin implementing them into your organization to generate growth.

1/2 Day Forums

  • New Content. Introduction to new content, frameworks, and tools all geared towards growth
  • Strategy. Intentional time with your team working being strategic, not just tactical.
  • Collaboration. Collaborate with other organizations on best practices, strategies and tactics.
  • Network. Build strong relationships with other local organizations.
  • Action Plan. End each forum with a clear action plan of how to implement each piece into your organization.

Team Exercises

  • Unpack & Apply the Learning. Make the most out of the experience by taking time to assess and implement the tools and concepts you learn.
  • Pinpoint Opportunities for Growth. Understand what’s working and what’s not, and build out an action plan for moving forward as you grow.
  • Increase Communication & Accountability. Step away from the busyness and use the team exercises to establish healthy patterns of communication and accountability.
  • Alignment on Objectives. As you work through the process, group exercises reinforce team alignment so you actually move the needle in the right direction.

Performance Coaching

  • Deeper Application. We provide one-to-one coaching opportunities each month to allow you to go deeper and apply the learning directly to your life.
  • Leadership Focused. This coaching will be for one (1) senior-most leader from each team, such as the founder, president, or CEO.
  • Address Real-Time Challenges. Each session will last 60 – 90 minutes and will give you as the leader more time to address and overcome real-time issues while implementing the GiANT strategies.

Additional Resources

Team 360 Diagnostic

  • At the beginning of the program, we’ll use this diagnostic to benchmark your team in 6 primary areas: Alignment, Capacity, Execution, Communication, Relationship, and Synergy.
  • Then, your team will take the diagnostic at the end of the program to measure growth as well as identify any other areas that need to be addressed moving forward.
  • The diagnostic takes less than 20 minutes to complete and will provide an aggregate of everyone’s team rating.

Online Content Access

  • Each team member who attends Xcelerate will receive complimentary access to GiANT’s Liberator Network & Portal.
  • This portal will give you instant access to powerful content, including GiANT’s visual toolkit and accelerators.
  • You’ll get the chance to connect with other leaders from around the world and you’ll receive invites to other exclusive Liberator Network events such as the Liberator Retreat.

GiANT's Leadership Toolkit

Each member of your team will receive a GiANT Visual Leadership Toolkit. These tools will be the backbone of the leadership language you use within your organization during this process. Each tool is designed to address specific challenges and growth opportunities.