Who Are Your Top 5?

Bottom line: I had the coolest experience a couple of weeks ago.

I love seeing people take initiative. I’m the let’s make something happen not wait for something to happen kind of guy.

I had set up an appointment to meet with a young entrepreneur to hear what he was up to these days. I had been impressed with his discipline and demeanor from our brief interactions. His story was marked by an unusual amount of focus and a work hard ethic that included pitching a tent in the back of his pickup truck to work off site for a short season of life to save money. Better him then us, I know. He shared with me one of the quotes that shaped his life;

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” –  Jim Rohn

He then proceeded to tell me how he has five areas of his life where he is committed to being invested in (business acumen, spiritual, finance, personal, and leadership). He then said, “You’re my leadership guy. I want to learn from you, and what it will look like is 30 minutes every month, one month face-to-face and the next month by phone or SKYPE is fine.”

One of the purposes of my meeting with him was to invite him to be invested in more intentionally so it was already a yes, but it was now a whole new level of yes!This type of discipline, focus, and initiative will take you places.

So I have to ask you…

Are you as hungry as my new friend Tyce?

Who are the top five people you spend time with?

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