What’s Next? 3 Questions for Leaders Today

In my pursuit to grow and raise up Leaders Worth Following, something simply outstanding occurs with a select number of people in each group.

Upon completion of a workshop/program, I always have a few team members approach me and ask “What’s Next?”. It’s at this point, I know that these individuals are what GiANT calls “Humble, Hungry, and Smart.” They are taking personal responsibility for their own leadership journey by being eager to grow and develop themselves. They are not relying on their leadership team to assign them a class or give them a book to read. They are seeking out opportunities to grow and learn more about themselves so they can excel at leading others in the future.

These team members have potential for growth and will increase your company’s reach and impact on others.

Often, simply the act of delegating a task to an individual who is “Humble, Hungry, and Smart” is all it takes to ignite leadership development. Invest in these people and you’ll find not only will they grow, you and your organization will grow as well.

My Questions for Leaders Today:

  1. Is your awareness level turned up?
  2. Are you watching and listening for these “Hungry, Humble, and Smart” people in your organization?
  3. Is your limited coaching time focused on these individuals?
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