Two Ways to Alienate Your Employees

I’m going to venture to say that zero of you roll out of bed and, on your way to work, recite this narrative in your head;

“I can’t wait to get to work today so I can alienate those around me! I’m so excited to create a bigger gap between Lois and me. I so look forward to the low morale, lack of productivity and pain that I will cause others as I interact with them throughout the day.”

If that’s what you’re after, I have just the solution! Here are two methods that one of our Executive Core participants poked fun at that I know will guarantee to help you effectively alienate others:


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Strategy #1: The Dump and Yell Method

The “Dump and Yell” Method is a mode of operation proven to create maximum frustration through isolation and works like this:

Step 1: Tell people what to do.

Step 2: Give them all the information you think they need to know.

Step 3: Yell when they don’t do it.

The missing links? Apprenticeship. Vision. Encouragement. Someone intentionally walking with others who can bring the support and challenge needed for them to actually do what’s been asked. (Hint: They are probably not doing it because they don’t know how and they are afraid to come back to you to ask.)

New leadership perspective for you: When someone is stuck, it is your responsibility; it’s not the other person’s fault.

Strategy #2: The “Do It!” Method

This one is easy. Here is the mantra: ​Which part of “do it” did you not understand? Do, or it?

Some of us have a short fuse and low patience when it comes to walking with people. We are often married to the idea that it is the problem that remains with the person, that they have all they need.

New leadership perspective for you: Slow down. Take time with your people. Don’t assume they know how; show them how. Share your experiences. Model. Consider taking the time to do whatever the “it” task is with them so that you actually raise their capacity.

Are you alienating people? How are you going to turn that isolation into invitation?