Thinker vs. Feeler: How People’s Oughts and Shoulds Affect Performance

Ever wonder why you never quite got along with friends of the same gender? Maybe you’re frustrated by the expectations people place on you because of your personality, workplace, or job. Join us as we explore some of those frustrations and discuss how you can better understand your colleagues in order to avoid making the same assumptions.

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Having Trouble Connecting with Others?

Your ability to connect with others directly impacts your level of influence.


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Why Your Leadership Journey Matters

What makes you who you are today?

What is it about your internal makeup and wiring, the collection of your experiences and mentors, that have brought you to this point in life?

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T vs. F: “Feeling the Love” at Work

Ever wonder why some people just never seem to feel appreciated, despite all your efforts to show them your thoughts to the contrary? Or maybe you yourself keep questioning why your boss continues to throw meaningless “incentives” at you, when what you really want doesn’t seem all that much to ask for, but continues to elude you anyway?

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Applying 5 Voices: Disconnections in Leadership

Some of the most dangerous disconnections in leadership come from a lack of voice diversity in messaging and decision-making. Find out how you can use the 5 Voices to close the gap!

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3 Ways Leaders Undermine Their Work

Which internal tendencies are inhibiting your life right now?

What insecurities or self-imposed sabotage are keeping you from being the healthiest, best version of you?

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Applying 5 Voices: Rules of Engagement (Part II)

Not sure how to get each voice on your team to bring its best? Checkout our second post in the Rules of Engagement series to learn more about how to maximize the contributions from every voice on your team!

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6 Ways to Stay Present This July 4th

July 4th is almost here! Independence Day is a time for reflection and gratitude, recharge and family. It’s a time to celebrate the freedom we so deeply cherish, while remembering that the freedom we enjoy is anything but free. Let’s honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice by making the most of the life we’ve been given! Here are six ways to make sure you stay present and connected with those you love this July 4th!

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T vs. F: Understanding “Thinkers” & “Feelers”

For those who have been following our Jungian Type Best Fit series, we are now half-way through the four personality preference sets! Ever wonder why you and your spouse or colleague can never agree on a decision? Join us for a deep dive into our next Personality Type mini-series!

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Applying 5 Voices: Rules of Engagement (Part I)

When it comes to getting the most out of your teams and the 5 Voices tool, few practices will take you further than learning the “Rules of Engagement” for leading meetings.

In every team, there’s a certain rhyme and reason to the flow of meetings.

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