Why Communication Matters: A Case Study (Part 1)


One of those “soft science” buzzwords.

You can hear it now, can’t you? The impassioned HR director energetically extolling the cure-all virtues of “open dialogue,” “honest communication,” and “high performing teams” who learn how to “understand” their teammates and “bring out the best” in every “unique voice.”

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Applying 5 Voices: Disconnections in Leadership

Some of the most dangerous disconnections in leadership come from a lack of voice diversity in messaging and decision-making. Find out how you can use the 5 Voices to close the gap!

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Applying 5 Voices: Rules of Engagement (Part II)

Not sure how to get each voice on your team to bring its best? Checkout our second post in the Rules of Engagement series to learn more about how to maximize the contributions from every voice on your team!

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Applying 5 Voices: Rules of Engagement (Part I)

When it comes to getting the most out of your teams and the 5 Voices tool, few practices will take you further than learning the “Rules of Engagement” for leading meetings.

In every team, there’s a certain rhyme and reason to the flow of meetings.

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Intro to the 5 Voices of Leadership

Have you ever taken a personality test, only to forget what it means a week later?

You might recall whether you thought your results were good or bad, but ask you what your letters were or which color you scored, and you stumble through a response that could generously be called a jumble of alphabet soup.

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