Steve Cockram | Co-Founder

Steve is the co-founder of GiANT Worldwide and travels extensively teaching and consulting with senior executives and their teams all over the world; from the likes of the British government and multi-national corporations, to small start-ups in Sheffield, UK or Atlanta, GA. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of Jungian Type Analysis, developing GiANT’s original toolkit which help leaders more fully understand their internal wiring and core motivations. He is fiercely practical and committed to “Applied Leadership Learning”, seeking to give leaders fresh insights and tools that will make a real difference immediately. Armed with his conversational British humor, you’ll spend time exploring what it’s like to live on the other side of your leadership and how to become a leader everyone wants to follow, leading organizations everyone wants to work for. Steve is a serial entrepreneur, always involved in a wide range of new initiatives. He loves movies, sports, exploring new cultures and eating out with friends. He has been married to Helen for 22 years, during which time they have lived in 12 different houses on two continents. They currently reside in Gerrards Cross, London with their 3 gorgeous girls, Izzy (14), Megan (10) and Charlotte (3).

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