Say It or Do Something Else?

By reading this post, you will be challenged to do two things:

  1. Don’t avoid tough situations that require you to “challenge” others
  2. Be willing to spend the amount of time needed to foster growth

I recently received an e-mail after wrapping up a 1-to-1 session in which the participant was thankful for the encouragement I gave them to give directive feedback to their team members.

A task had been given to the team, but the deliverable that came back didn’t meet the standard necessary to move it forward. The leader was faced with the choice of fixing the product themselves because they had the knowledge and skills to do so or to go back to the team with direction and time to train them on how to better fulfill these kind of tasks moving forward. This is a common scenario when delegation and empowerment are present.

There will always be a need for training and walking with others to improve. As we processed this learning opportunity, the need to clearly communicate the correctives and train the team seemed to be the clearest option and the best one for the team and the longer term health of the organization. Does it take more time? Sure it does. The apprenticeship process always will, but it is worth it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on an issue this situation raises. It’s our belief at GiANT that the best thing to do all the time is to go to the source: To not delay the tough conversation, but to communicate challenge and give feedback that individuals need to move forward with.

Tony Morgan had some great thoughts related to this in describing the top 5 reasons why your performance evaluation system doesn’t work (read it here).

One of the reasons he suggested was delaying the tough conversations. When we do so, we invest minutes, hours, days, and sometimes weeks of emotional energy unnecessarily.

Do you tend to “say it” or do something else?

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