Priorities for Navigating Change

Change can be overwhelming, even for the most change inclined among us. In the midst of turbulent change, we can experience confusion, doubt, and fear alongside the thrilling hope of what the future may bring. Our capacity gets stretched and we step carefully ensuring that we are considering all perspectives, people, and possibilities for the most effective way forward.

What are your priorities when navigating change?

Visionary leadership and skilled management are essential for sure. A knowledge of organizational culture and the readiness of people to engage the process are also vital. Too often people assume everyone is ready to engage.

Clarity and Conversations are my top two priorities when navigating change.


Am I keeping the main thing, the main thing?

One change typically impacts a number of other areas and people within an organization. It is easy to get ADD when seeking to influence one area. Sometimes it is necessary to address tangential areas, but many times the priority is to stay focused. Go back to the drawing board and ask; What was the original goal? Is the change process we are initiating actually addressing that role or did we get sidetracked? Are we headed into unnecessary areas?


Am I verbally moving things forward toward closure and traction?

For intentional change to take place, conversations are of the utmost importance. Change starts with someone initiating a conversation to frame the issues and boundaries of what needs to take shape. Conversations then continue toward aligning people for the greatest effectiveness. An understanding of what unique voice each person you are getting input from helps you discern and filter as you lead the charge. We love serving leaders to understand the different voices that exist in an organization so that you can know your team to lead your team with even greater results.

Hope is an anchor for your heart in the midst of whatever change you are experiencing, so we speak hope to you today.

What are your priorities when navigating change?

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