Mike Oppedahl | Managing Partner

“Our greatest fear in life should not be of failure, rather of succeeding in something that never really mattered” – Francis Chan

Mike Oppedahl cut his teeth as an engineer at Honeywell Aerospace writing and developing software for US Air Force fighter jets and leading large retrofit programs for the US Army. After rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, he realized that his true passion was in helping create organizations that everyone wants to work for. Knowing that good is the enemy of great, Mike is determined to enable great companies to make a lasting and significant impact on the people doing the work and on the world as a whole. After leaving Honeywell, he worked for a New Mexico health care startup that would nearly double in size over the next four years. Notably, the company was recognized on the Albuquerque Business First and Albuquerque Journal lists of Top Places to Work for three years running. He coined the axiom in his businesses, “If you do not love working here, you cannot stay,” believing that life is too short and should be spent working in areas you are truly passionate.

Mike believes in being a leader worth following and aspires to empower teams by first helping individuals develop self-awareness and their ability to build influence. He encourages leaders to use their influence, power and authority for the good of those they lead, NOT for themselves and the advancement of their own agenda. He is passionate about promoting healthy leadership culture internally at GiANT Worldwide, where he currently serves as Managing Partner, as well as externally in the businesses of the clients he serves.

Mike lives by the principle that you should always add more value to others than you extract – give before you get. His experience starting up and shutting down a number of businesses is a testimony that “failing forward” helps to shape who you become as a leader. Constant self-improvement and always having focus on the things that truly matter in life are incredibly important. This is a value he embraces at home with his wife and four young children.(Ashley, Riley – 6, Regan – 4, Asher – 2, Baby on the way).

Having lived overseas in his youth, Mike loves to travel with family and friends and has an adventurous spirit. The world cannot move fast enough for this cruise missile. “You’ve never met someone who talks faster or has more energy,” friends of Mike’s will say.

In this season of life, Mike is most passionate about helping others to become leaders WORTH following. He believes that GiANT has been given the charge to raise up Liberating leaders who will have significant, lasting and impactful influence on the lives of those they lead.