Liberator 020: How to Trade Up and Live More Intentionally

In Episode #20 of the Liberator Podcast, Jeremie and Steve discuss how leaders can “trade up” with their time and activity and start living more intentionally.

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You are responsible to grow as a person and as a leader. It starts with you.

The key is in being self-aware… to admit that you need to grow… to admit that you need some fresh perspective. You are the key to the growth of your team and organization, even your family.

In GiANT, we often use the phrase “trade up” when we talk about being intentional.

Simply put, trading up is all about looking at how you’re spending your time and the activities you’re doing and asking the question, “What could I be doing instead that would make me better? More healthy? More intentional? More wise?”

Your growth depends on your desire to grow and on your commitment to grow. Desire and commitment together can do a lot in a person.