Liberator 018: Leading in the Midst of Stress

In Episode #18 of the Liberator Podcast, Jeremie and Steve use a practical and live example of how being sick can create stress and the importance of learning how to lead in the midst of it. They connect the 5 Voices into the conversation and show you how your personality and wiring affect the way you handle stress.

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There are a many causes of stress:

  • Emotional issues
  • Relational tension or disharmony
  • Finances
  • Major life changes
  • Familial Stress
  • Conflicts with your beliefs and values
  • Your “Place” including where you live and work
  • The “People” you’re around, both friends and co-workers
  • Your purpose in your job
  • Your Health
  • Many more…

We’ve all experienced stress in some way or another, and the challenge we’re faced with is learning how to manage the stress and continue leading even in the midst of it.