Brexit, Leadership, and Power

Liberator 009: On Brexit, Leadership and Power

After 43 Years, the UK has voted to leave the European Union.

Even up against 7 to 1 odds in favor of “remain”, the large majority of people chose to leave.

In today’s episode of the Liberator Podcast, Steve and Jeremie take a dive into this issue and bring in the workings of leadership and power alongside it.

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Leadership is influence, and influence gives you power. How you decide to use that power is what makes or breaks you as a leader.

How are leadership and power tied together? How do you use your influence and power for the good of others?

The Power Test

To deal with these questions, GiANT uses a tool called “The Power Test”, and here’s how it works:

When you meet someone (especially in a professional context) there are 3 major questions people are asking about you.

  1. Are you “for” me?
  2. Are you “against” me?
  3. Are you “for” yourself?

It’s rare to meet someone who is truly “against” you, but it does happen. This would look something like the bully on the playground movie scene from one of your childhood favorites.

The vast majority of people are more likely oscillating between “for others” and “for myself”.

This battle of leading for the sake of others vs. of leading for yourself is a lifelong game of tug of war, but one that’s worth fighting.

The ultimate goal is to become a liberator, the type of leader that people want to follow, and learning how to wield your positional power is a massive part of that equation.