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Internal Leadership Academy

Talent Development · Scout for High-Potentials · Increase Employee Engagement
· Raise Retention Rates · Establish a Culture of Growth

Looking for the next development program for your staff?

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Leverage the power of GiANT’s Leadership Academy Inside Your Company


    Tap into the power of our proven Leadership Academy process for your leaders


    Our world-class content, tools, and programs can be customized to fit your culture.


    Our team of experienced coaches are prepared to facilitate the entire process.


    All training content is accessible on a digital platform to reinforce learning.

What is Involved?


    Each of the 4 retreats introduce brand new concepts and tools. They are also an opportunity to bring everyone from all of the groups together to interact, build relationships and learn new leadership principles.


    CORE Groups create a safe environment for peer accountability and encouragement. Each group of 6 – 8 members meets twice a month online to share experiences and reinforce the learning from the previous retreat.

  • 1:1 COACHING

    Experience tells us that retreats alone are not enough to create lasting transformation. We provide one-to-one coaching opportunities each month that allow you to go deeper and apply the learning directly to your life.


    Access to the GiANT vault of online resources. We will provide you with every resource you need to take your learning back to your team. This will include videos, workbooks, presentations, and tools.

Here are the Key Components

  • Experienced “Been-There” Coaches

    Our team of experienced coaches will take your teams through the entire 12-month process of learning and development, providing appropriate support and challenge along the way. They will also apprentice hand-picked leaders on our proven and effective coaching methodologies.

  • Powerful & Practical Leadership Tools

    Gain access to GiANT’s vault of leadership tools that are packed with power and practical tactics each leader in your organization should know. This will also establish a common vocabulary and language, which is foundational for building a thriving culture.

  • Proven Path for Growth

    After taking hundreds of leaders through this process, we know the exact steps that create true and lasting transformation and ultimately a higher performing workforce.

  • Engaged Community

    The final ingredient of this process is to create an engaged community of peers. This allows the learning to become ingrained into the culture and have a lasting impact. This community will be established on small scale (8 people) through the Core Groups, and on a large scale with the collective of all attendees.