Leader Intensive

24 Hours Could Change the Next 24 Years

This day-and-a-half “deep-dive” provides leaders & teams with the opportunity to truly stop, assess their current reality, understand their core motivations and drivers, and develop a clear vision of their preferred future for every area of their lives.

The Leader Intensive takes time to mine out the issues from the past that have often been buried and forgotten; issues which have the capacity to dramatically impact a leader’s capacity to live into their preferred future. We also take time to evaluate the various character/skill challenges each leader will face based on their personality, core motivations, and core drivers. Each Leadership Intensive generates a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which clarifies expressed goals in relation to your leadership of self, family, team, and organization. Every Intensive entails two follow up Skype calls to cement their learning.

  • 1. Know Yourself to Lead Yourself

    In step 1, you will undergo an extensive personality and wiring assessment to develop a greater sense of self-awareness. You will be “holding up a mirror” so that you can understand what it’s like to see yourself as others do. We also take time to help leaders explore and understand the connection between their behaviors, drivers, and self concept.

  • 2. Visioning a New Future

    In stage 2, we help leaders remove internal barriers and the fear of failure to clarify their preferred vision of the future for every area of their lives.

  • 3. Dealing with the Past

    Stage 3 uses extended story telling, allowing leaders to share the highs and lows that have shaped them. When leaders invest the time to dig beneath the surface of their lives they are able to understand how past issues, often buried and forgotten, have the capacity to prevent them from living into their preferred futures.

  • 4. Leadership Landmines

    Stage 4 uses the leader’s new understanding of their motivations and drivers to take an in depth look at the character and skill issues that are most likely to undermine their leadership in the future.

  • 5. Preferred Future Plan

    Stage 5 pulls together the diverse strands of the Intensive experience to create clear goals for the future. The goals are grouped together under: self leadership, family leadership, team leadership, and organizational leadership.

Challenging Yet Rewarding

Leadership Journey

In order to maximize the impact of our leadership development programs it’s crucial that each participant begin the journey with a deeper understanding of themselves. This self-knowledge provides the foundation for our discovery and transformation efforts as we progress through your chosen development program. Consequently, the Leader Intensive constitutes a strongly recommended experience for leaders wishing to participate in the Executive CORE  or Culture Builder programs. This is particularly the case for key leaders seeking to implement their chosen program within the organization. In completing this intensive, each leader will firmly establish a working knowledge of their own leadership behaviors, motivations, and drivers from which to build as they work to expand their leadership capacity during their upcoming leadership journey. Each time we run a leader intensive, we conclude the experience having witnessed extraordinary changes in each participant’s leadership and performance capacity. Ultimately, we all have room to grow as a leader. If you’re willing to put in the work, we encourage you to join us on the challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, journey!

What Others Are Saying

Kevin  Bailey

GiANT’s are highly skilled “physicians” in the art and science of helping leaders identify their personal leadership markers, how they compare to the expectation of a “leader worth following”, and designing specific steps to help leaders improve towards their highest potential.

Kevin Bailey,  Chairman, Bailey International

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.05.19 PM

This came at a time when I had lost vision for where I was going in my work and vocation. For the first time in a long time I felt completely understood in a professional context. This process really helped me to dream big once again and yet plan the next steps for how to turn those dreams into a reality. If you get chance to work with the GiANT team then I would really encourage you to take it.

James Mears, Dean, Close School

Edwin Backler

Whilst knowing yourself is a lifelong endeavour there is great wisdom in taking time out to assess how that process is going. For me a 24 hour GiANT Leader Intensive did just that. Having a 24 hour 1:1 session away from the normal family and work environment can be something that appears to be a good idea but is perhaps not given the priority it deserves.

Edwin Backler, ‎Chairman/Owner, Charles White