Dr. Jeff Dorman | Senior Associate

Jeff has over twenty years of leadership experience in the non-profit sector including working in the role of Interim CEO — leading organizations through times of major transition and change.

In addition, Jeff is a business owner and mediator, assisting parties to resolve conflict without resorting to adversarial litigation.  His mediation experience includes business to business, employment & HR issues, internal organizational issues, and family mediation.  He has also worked as a consultant who leads organizational visioning and strategic planning initiatives.

Three key elements of the doctorate Jeff completed in 1999 included emphasis on inner growth (psychology), relational growth (sociology) and organizational growth (leadership).  His dissertation focused on the relational apprenticeship model of leadership development.

Jeff finds fulfillment in raising up liberating leaders with GiANT.  He wishes that the GiANT philosophy and tools had been available to him many years ago, and is committed to helping develop healthy leaders who calibrate support and challenge while building organizations that everyone wants to work for.

Jeff resides in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and is married to Nancy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).  They have two adult children.