It’s Your Question to Answer

Harvard educated philosopher Jacob Needleman made the following incisive observation:

We start with the paradox that there have been countless, ingenious technological innovations for the last 200 years designed to save us time. Somehow the result is that nobody has anytime left. That’s why I call time the new poverty. We are a time poor society. We have lots of things, maybe lots of money, but lots of time? No.

Please Listen

We genuinely care about you and your wellbeing. If you are frenzied, working from sun up to sun down, and neglecting your most important relationships, you need to change. We could seriously start a Time Alcoholics Anonymous. Some people have a visceral reaction to the idea of slowing down the rpm’s of their heart and mind It’s not possible; too many deliverables, too much at stake.

We know it can be different.

The best research says that when leaders and organizations hold the two values of competing for new market space alongside investment in human capital so teams work together in a healthy way organizational effectiveness is higher and value is created.

We apprentice leaders to reset the tempo of their lives to be smooth, rhythmic, and repeatable. We lead you to think through how managing your priorities will allow you to experience the gift of time as it is intended. We are just about ready to launch our next Executive Core process (click to learn more) and would love to help you and learn from you.

Can it be different?

We say yes. Only you can answer that question and how you answer may have big implications as you hit the half way mark in 2014.

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