How to Hire an All-Star

How to Hire an All-StarAny of you looking to hire an amazing person for your organization?

Figuring out how to hire a new team member can be hit or miss. This is something we often deal with when working with our clients.

There is a simple but effective concept that I have learned from my business partner, Steve Cockram, that will help.

It is simply understanding the DNA, Skeleton and Skin of your business and the desired new hire.


First, define the DNA of your company or the DNA you are hoping to find. The DNA is normally the soul of the company and or the mission of the business. If you are a missional company who values impacting people then the potential new hire must carry the same value and vision.


Second, detail the Skeletal structure of the organization. If you are a non-profit then there is a different style of work than a for-profit company. What are your work hours, how does work get done, what is the social norm of the culture, etc.? If you are a fast paced sales organization then you need to ensure the new hire has history working in this environment.


Third, understand the Skin of the business. This is not about race, but rather the type of person that fits well.

For instance, if you are a company that works outdoors or handling goods then make sure the new hire is not a “suit” who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty. They must look the part as well as be able to work in it.

Do We Have it Backwards?

Most of my past mis-hires have come with the Skeletal system.

The people I hired had the DNA and some had the Skin, but they were not used to working in the environment and or style we had.

That was my fault.

I saw the missional aspect of their DNA, but didn’t test the skeletal structure enough.

Now, what about your key hires? Are you being thorough enough in your strategic hiring? If you want to think of this another way, think about the divorce rate. Why is it so high?

My view is that most men and women start backwards.

They start with the Skin – “Wow, she is good looking”.

They then move to the Skeleton – “And, she is going to be a lawyer.”

Once they are married with kids they dig into the DNA – “You mean you don’t believe in God?” That is when the rough patches come and people claim “Irreconcilable Differences.”

To me this is an illustration of the lack of due diligence. If they had started with the DNA there might be a big difference.

The same is true with resumes. “Wow, they look impressive and look at who they have worked for?”

DNA is rarely interviewed.

DNA, Skeleton, Skin.

Try it on your next hire and watch what it does to the process.

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