Good Communicators Know When Writing is Wrong

Do you think you’re a good communicator? Do you ever consider the nature of your message relative to your medium of communication?

The graphic below represents the chance your message is being perceived they way you intend given the vehicle you choose to communicate.


The amount of times I find myself moderating gross misinterpretation of written messages is becoming frustrating. Perhaps I should look at it differently. The amount of toxins that go into corporate culture through passive aggressive email or text rants is creating a great business opportunity for the leader development space I occupy.

The next time you are about to press send on a challenging message over text or email, please consider these three questions?

  • Am I being lazy?
  • Am I avoiding confrontation and preserving my own comfort zone?
  • Do I just not care about that person enough to have a conversation? (Please go deeper if you answer yes to this question.)


Consider the Power of the Medium every time you have a challenging word for those you lead. And remember, this isn’t just when you’re at work; it applies to your personal relationships, too.