Get In There and Grit it Out

Social science has taught us that in order to perform well, complete tasks and succeed at reaching your goals you have to believe you are capable of succeeding.  This fundamental core belief will impact the way you make decisions, your motivation, and your ability to persevere.  A low-level belief in your capacity to succeed at whatever you are going after may result in stress and depression.

Get in there and Grit It Out

Give yourself a percentage number: How much do you really believe you are going to succeed at the dream, vision, or plan you are working?  ______

Here are three lessons that will help you increase your percentage:

1. Practice until you have breakthrough.

Breakdown the learning into manageable phases & practice until you have breakthrough.  Practice until if I were to bump into you in the hallway and ask you about whatever it is you are working on, you could on the spot talk to me for an hour out of the overflow of your heart.  That is one evidence that you are moving toward mastery.  Practice in the mirror, in the car, and solicit feedback from someone who has mastery of the competency or area of growth.

2. Find someone to imitate.

No substitute here.  If you want to raise your belief that you can succeed, you have got to find a master craftsman and imitate them.  Not mimic them, but imitate their patterns and practices.

3. Get in there and grit it out.

The very things that will take you to the next level are likely the things you are resisting or procrastinating right now.  If you want to grow in self-confidence, you must banish your hesitance.  You can’t wait until you are feeling it, neither can you stay put until your nerves are all calm and you’ve got it all together. You have got to get in there and grit it out. Action will create the desire and inspiration you now lack and long for. Stop trying to ready yourself for the very thing that will make you ready.

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