8 EQ Questions Effective Leaders Cannot Ignore

In a society that lives and breathes “bottom-line results”, it’s easy to allow “productivity” to become the sole focus of great leadership. But if you want true influence, you’re going to have to master another art form:

Being present.

EQ Questions

Relational intelligence is the future competitive advantage for leaders. In the new world the capacity to establish, develop, and maintain key relationships both inside and outside your organization is going to become the primary currency of leadership influence.

People can actually learn how to connect well. While some people are naturally good at it, others struggle mightily. Yet those who practice can become masters at being in the right gear at the right time. These are people who “know themselves” and “lead themselves”…

…and benefit from the influence and respect that follows.

We are tired of seeing people run over others.

We are tired of dads and moms not being present with their children. We consistently see disconnections between bosses and those they lead, and the lack of awareness that comes from busy adults married to their tasks and missing the point of their lives.

These behaviors are precisely why we created the 5 Gears system. The world is going through unparalleled cultural upheaval right now.

We want to provide a practical solution that can transform behavior in adults who have begun to become self-aware of their disconnected lives and trade them in by learning the art of being present.

Relationships are more important than ever.

8 EQ Questions Effective Leaders Cannot Ignore

Be honest about your reality.

  1. Do you know what it’s like to be on the other side of you?
  2. Do you know how to connect with people in every social context?
  3. Are you easy to connect with in your work setting?
  4. Do people like being around you?
  5. Are you able to be physically and emotionally present with people even when you have tight deadlines?
  6. Do you always have to win?
  7. Have you truly ever experienced being present with someone else?
  8. Do you know how to slow down enough to hear what someone else is saying?

These are the EQ questions that will differentiate the leaders of the future. IQ and hard skills are essential but they are no longer enough. When you learn to grow your relational competency—the ability to connect with others and be present—then you will be able to build long-term relation- ships and obtain a world of opportunity that most will miss.