Coaching for Teams & Individuals

There are some organizations and leaders who want to grow in their leadership but are limited by certain resources like time, money or travel. We have designed our CORE Groups to accommodate these organizations and individuals by utilizing a regional setup. While this offering does not include all of the features and benefits of the Culture Builder or Executive Core programs, it remains focused on building leaders worth following.


  • Great for individuals who are looking to connect with other leaders in order to raise leadership capacity.
  • Great for organizations who want to consistently invest in the leadership level of their teams.
  • Monthly CORE Group meetings leader to consistent engagement, accountability, and growth.

The Leader Essentials are designed to elevate and improve the leadership capabilities of your teams and your employees. These essentials are crucial to the foundation of every organization. Leaders need to understand and grow in Connectivity, Personality, Communication and Leadership. Leader Essentials are more than basics, they are foundational blocks to build a culture and insert an objective language to help your teams move in the same direction, fluidly.

If you want to build a great team and accelerate the health of your culture, then the Leader Essentials are a great resource for you to scale the growth of your organization.