Consultative Performance Coaching (CPC)

CPC is a truly unique and transformative coaching program that incorporates GiANT Worldwide’s trademark tools and leadership language as well as a commitment by our coaches to calibrate the necessary support and challenge to help each client become a leader worth following and achieve his or her full potential.

The Phases

Consultative Performance Coaching is a powerful process that includes 3 core phases. These are listed below with an overview of each.

1. Leader Intensive

  • 4 Hour, 1:1 Session
  • Personal Discovery Process
  • Life Map
  • Leadership story walkthrough and highlight
  • Self-Awareness and Personality Deep-Dive
  • Preferred Future Exercise
  • Understand your “Leadership Kryptonite”
  • Build a Blueprint for Personal Growth

2. Discovery Process

  • Tool Assessment: Peace Index, 70:30, 5 Circles + Support / Challenge, Self-Preservation, Inhibition/Prohibition
  • Team Objectives: What are you held accountable for?
  • Leader 360 Review

3. Performance Coaching

  • Process live challenges
  • Learn and deploy new leadership tools and processes
  • Increase your personal leadership capacity
  • Consistent, regular sessions
  • Experience support, challenge and accountability
  • Reach the next level in your leadership

The Performance Coaching Process

1. Know Yourself to Lead Yourself

The coaching process begins by focusing on helping you gain a deep level of self-awareness and identifying the action steps you need to take in order to lead yourself. We work on a premise that you can’t lead others effectively until you learn how to lead yourself. We’ll cover some powerful GiANT tools including:

  • Creating Healthy Culture
  • Support / Challenge
  • Liberator
  • Know Yourself to Lead Yourself
  • The Core
  • Core Process
  • Authority / Responsibility
  • Self-Preservation
  • Influence Model
  • Power Test
  • Push / Pull
  • 5 Gears
  • 5 Voices
  • Best Fit

2. Know Yourself to Lead the Team

Most teams operate at less than 60% of their true potential. During this part of the CPC, we will hone in on your leadership as it relates to your team’s performance. As you continue growing your ability to lead yourself, you will also begin identifying your key areas of growth for leading your team in an effective and liberating manner. Some of the tools we will cover include:

  • Mind the Gap
  • Go to the Source
  • Provisional / Plan / Promise
  • Discretion & Discipline
  • Interested Before Interesting
  • Communicating Vision
  • Build the Bridge
  • Pass the Baton
  • X Factor

3. Multiplication

In the final segment of the CPC, you will begin the process of multiplying your skills, knowledge and expertise to those around you. Most leaders don’t have a plan when it comes to apprenticing and multiplying leadership throughout their team or organization. We’ll go through a step by step process to build and implement a multiplication strategy using GiANT tools including:

  • Organizational Clarity
  • Leadership Square
  • Leadership Triangle
  • Intentional Multiplication
  • Intentional Influence
  • Introduction to Leading Core Groups
  • Develop a Coaching Methodology
  • Take the Leadership Challenge

Next Steps

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