Checklist for Your Summer Leadership Recharge

For most of us, summer is a season to recreate and recharge, a time to nourish the roots of energy. Great leaders take time to improve their mental and physical strength, centeredness, and that which make each of us come fully alive. The secret to large-scale transformation starts at the individual level. Undeniable is the fact that leaders create culture. Equally true is that healthy culture creates healthy leaders. What are you doing this summer to create the right cultural conditions for reflection and re-creation?

Behaviors impact health and wellbeing even down to the cellular level. How are you intentionally setting some time aside this summer to renew your mind and clean out the mental noise limiting your influence? Below are nine insights to help you maximize your leadership recharge.

REALITY: The state of your body affects your ability to think clearly.

CHALLENGE: How are you using summer to tune up your fitness and burn off those excess pounds, strengthen your endurance AND maximize your rational problem solving process?

REALITY: Obsessive worry undermines the body’s ability to function at high level.

CHALLENGE: How might you start to reframe your mental and emotional outlook by focusing on what is right with your world and choosing to celebrate the abundance of what you have rather than what you don’t?

REALITY: Stress is a normal part of daily life. How you respond to stress has an impact on your health and wellbeing.

CHALLENGE: How might you intentionally shift negative stress that inhibits progress and trade up for healthy stress that drives performance momentum?

REALITY: Meditation, prayer, and introspection enhance the immune system and provide numerous other physical benefits.

CHALLENGE: How might you intentionally shift into your day through the gears of renewal and re-creation before engaging the tasks of work?

REALITY: Sharpness scales when you surround yourself with people who are more clever than you.

CHALLENGE: How might you expand your professional leadership network to include those who are humble, hungry, and much smarter than you?

REALITY: Character is the first factor of unlocking influence.

CHALLENGE: How might you start asking yourself and those closest to you, “Am I trustworthy, and “Where are the areas where I have may be compromising my integrity?”

REALITY: Great leadership is about greater alignment.

CHALLENGE: How might you further calibrate your organizational mission, vision, and values to your strategies, structures, and initiatives?

REALITY: “For Me” leaders dominate and protect. “For You” leaders empower and create amazing opportunities.

CHALLENGE: “Repeat these words, “It’s not about me,” every day, multiple times a day. Don’t make your leadership about being in charge, being right, getting promoted, or looking the best. How might you make leadership about purpose and serving the legitimate needs of those you’re leading?

REALITY: When we are curious about others, we learn, we collaborate, and we innovate. When leaders aren’t curious, they tend to judge, tell, blame, and even shame without realizing it.

CHALLENGE: How might you start to be interested before interesting? A learner, not learn-ed?

As a transformative coaching group, GiANT Worldwide uses the CORE Process Tool to contextualize and problem solve. Your charge is to consider this simple framework as a tool to Call, Own, Respond, and Execute breakthrough related to the below realities and challenges. As you reflect on the challenge questions, use this process for your action plan to help you move forward.

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Bottom line? Leaders create culture. And, healthy leaders create healthy culture. What are you doing this summer to create recharge your leadership? How are you getting healthy?


About the Author

Joseph is a Creative/Connector with zeal to Encourage, Equip, and Empower the Leader’s Transformative Journey From Success to Significance. Dr. Hill has a wealth of experience in organizational leadership, human development, and teaching as a practitioner, educational leader, executive coach, author, and blogger. Joseph holds a post-graduate degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Servant Leadership and is a Licensed Executive Coach through the International Coach Federation. Learn more about Dr. Hill at or follow him on Twitter @liveleadserve.