Huhtamaki | Case Study

Location: Espoo, Finland

15,844 Employees

Industry: Manufacturing

“Utilizing GiANT’s System has made us better and faster at making important decisions. We have a common language to work from. This process has made us aware of our silos and we are able to collaborate and appreciate each other despite our organizational issues. Not uncommon to hear the words “get off your Guardian stand” in working together to meet objectives and goals.

Clay Dunn, President North America, Huhtamaki


Huhtamaki is a global manufacturer based in Finland and the US with over 15,800 employees and more than $4 billion in revenues with numerous plants spread all over the world.


Their stated biggest problem, according to organizational leaders, is their flat organizational structure along with their very geographically diverse locations.

These issues, leaders said verbatim, “demands great people skills, collaboration skills, the capacity to lead yourself well, and understand other people.” This is what they contracted GiANT to develop.


To address these issues, GiANT Worldwide put together a development program with the following components, beginning with the corporate headquarters team and then rolling out to various branches and locations from there:

  • Start with Intensives for Senior Leaders
  • Accelerators and CORE Groups with leadership teams
  • 1:1 Coaching for individuals
  • Troubleshooting for specific, severe interpersonal challenges

So far they have reached almost 500 Senior Leaders at the organization and by 2018 will have close to 3,000 people enrolled in the program and using the same tools and leadership language.

“For a multi-national company with large growth goals, it is always hard to adopt time sold issues. When we first started, we got push back from Senior Leaders. Now that we are on our third generation of program rollout, during the engagement strategy, they are encouraging participant to “never miss a single session during the program” “every hour spent is time well invested”.

– Kelly Burke Corporate HR Manager, Huhtamaki


The results from the program have been tremendous and the leadership is embracing the process to help them define and improve their entire leadership culture and raise the level of performance across the entire organization. For example:

  • Corporate is using 5 Voices as a filter and mechanism to determine the best fit roles for individuals on a team, on projects, and where they are best able to thrive and contribute. They repeatedly share that they have seen a tremendous increase in their ability formulate and leverage effective teams.
  • At the manufacturing plant level, senior managers have reported significant gains in their capacity to delegate work effectively resulting in breaking revenue projections by up to 20% in one location.
  • In fact, one manager even jokingly said that he would have to go out and stir up trouble because there was none left for him to address!


In all of the stated needs that Huhtamaki expressed needing development (including “great people skills, collaboration skills, the capacity to lead yourself well, and understand other people”), participants and leadership alike have raved that they have seen transformation in every single one of those areas.

Moreover, the President of the company has said that the GiANT tools and content (but especially the 5 Voices) have transformed and scaled:

  • Their capacity to function and leverage the best from every person and what they bring to the table.
  • How to have healthy communication versus drama and gossip.
  • How to put the right people in the right seat on the right bus.

“I wish there were a more concrete way or formula to show ROI, but I see an incredible ROI through the positive change in their leadership behavior. This has been the best time we’ve ever invested in leadership development.”

“The content is grounded in science. This approach for adult learning is the best. Adults don’t learn with a “quick fix”. We need to be patient to allow adults to learn and positively change their behavior.”

– Kelly Burke Corporate HR Manager, Huhtamaki