6 Ways to Stay Present This July 4th

July 4th is almost here! Independence Day is a time for reflection and gratitude, recharge and family. It’s a time to celebrate the freedom we so deeply cherish, while remembering that the freedom we enjoy is anything but free. Let’s honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice by making the most of the life we’ve been given! Here are six ways to make sure you stay present and connected with those you love this July 4th!

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T vs. F: Understanding “Thinkers” & “Feelers”

For those who have been following our Jungian Type Best Fit series, we are now half-way through the four personality preference sets! Ever wonder why you and your spouse or colleague can never agree on a decision? Join us for a deep dive into our next Personality Type mini-series!

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Liberator 023: Understanding Leadership and Communication

In this episode, Jeremie and Steve discuss what healthy and effective communication looks like in the midst of leadership and life. They use the lens of Support & Challenge, 5 Voices and the Communication Code.
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Applying 5 Voices: Rules of Engagement (Part I)

When it comes to getting the most out of your teams and the 5 Voices tool, few practices will take you further than learning the “Rules of Engagement” for leading meetings.

In every team, there’s a certain rhyme and reason to the flow of meetings.

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Take Back Control of Your Time

How many of us wish we had more time in our day?

Most likely, the majority of people reading this post would jump at the chance to add a few more hours of “cushion time” to get everything done. That’s why time management is so crucial, and yet, as hard as we try, we never seem to be quite in control. Some of us end up giving up on the idea altogether…

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Leadership Insights: Sensors vs. Intuitives

Alas, we come to the final post in our series on Jungian Personality Type for the Sensor vs. Intuitive type preferences. Now that we’ve thoroughly explored what your preference means for the way you process information, let’s take a look at a few descriptors that will help you round out your understanding of S vs. N tendencies. After that, we’ll dive into some crucial leadership insights that you, as a Sensor or Intuitive, can take away from this series for immediate, powerful application in your everyday life.

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5 Voices Series: The Power of Your Voice

In our first post about the 5 Voices, we covered the tendencies of each voice and what they bring to the table. Today, we’ll be diving deeper into the voices to identify their “weapon systems.”

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Leadership Landmarks: What Do You Represent?

Big Ben is a landmark.

It’s a powerful symbol of an important city with a storied history.

Whenever we see a landmark, inevitable associations pop into our minds. For example, when we see the Eiffel Tower, our thoughts might wander to French bread, crepes, and the enchanting streets of Paris.

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The Effect of Culture and Environment on Preference and Creativity

The “Oughts and Shoulds” of Culture

Today’s fifth, and second-to-last, post in the ongoing “S” vs. “N” series will focus on the impact of cultural expectations on Sensors and Intuitives. We’ll also take a quick detour towards the end to explore how physical environment and art affect Sensors and Intuitives differently!

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Intro to the 5 Voices of Leadership

Have you ever taken a personality test, only to forget what it means a week later?

You might recall whether you thought your results were good or bad, but ask you what your letters were or which color you scored, and you stumble through a response that could generously be called a jumble of alphabet soup.

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