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Liberator 018: Leading in the Midst of Stress

In Episode #18 of the Liberator Podcast, Jeremie and Steve use a practical and live example of how being sick can create stress and the importance of learning how to lead in the midst of it. They connect the 5 Voices into the conversation and show you how your personality and wiring affect the way […]

Liberator 017: A GiANT Guide to the New Year 2017

New Year’s represents a new start. Most of us will evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. We make our resolutions and start our workout programs. In episode #17 of the Liberator Podcast, Jeremie and Steve share some big ideas for your future as a leader and help you kick off the year with a GiANT Guide […]

Liberator 016: 7 Questions for Your Year-End Review

As the year comes to a close, it’s always a great idea to do a year-end review. In episode #16 of the Liberator Podcast, Jeremie and Steve come to you from their strategic review and planning week with questions that you can use in your own year-end review process.

Liberator 013: 5 Gears – How to Be Present and Productive

The 5 Gears is a simple (but powerful) system that will help you be present and productive when there is never enough time. In episode #13 of the Liberator Podcast, Jeremie and Steve unpack each of the 5 Gears and discuss how you can begin using this system in your day-to-day life both at home […]

Self-Awareness & Applications

Knowing yourself before you apply. How can I learn about myself/my personality to prepare for an application? So you’re getting ready to graduate. The pressure is on. What do I do? What am I good at? Who should I work for? Where should I work? Before you answer those questions, my question for you is, […]

Liberator 011: Leadership Lessons from Mount Everest

Welcome to the Liberator Podcast, episode #11. Discover a handful of leadership lessons from Mount Everest in this powerful episode with worldwide adventure icon, John Beede. Jeremie and Steve go on a journey with John as he retells his experience of climbing Mt. Everest and the lessons for leaders along the way. Listen on iTunes »

20 Things You Should Never Assume

For Goodness Sake, Stop Assuming! As I look back at my journey, it’s amazing to me how many leadership failures came from poor assumptions. Success, greatness, breakthrough, liberation and overall peace are all at risk when we assume. So here are 20 things you should not assume in the future, in no particular order: