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3 Questions to Help Maximize Your Influence

Most people are in it for themselves. We don’t like to think that, mind you. We typically consider ourselves, as a whole, to be rather altruistic. While most of us would count our relationships as congenial at worst and certainly non-self-serving at best, the truth is that at the end of the relationship for most […]

Why You’re Never Quite Done Growing

I used to think back in my youth that life was a series of “learn and grow” experiences – a finite list of things that I needed to recognize and overcome in order to become the best version of myself. It was almost as if there was this future moment I was working toward that, […]

3 Words to Transform How You Communicate with Your Team

I’ve worked with a number of future/vision-oriented leaders over the years. As a like-minded leader, the thrill of thinking about the future and dreaming about where we are going and how we’ll get there can be exhilarating at times! I also know, however, that most people are not like me. The thrill of the “new” […]