5 Voices Book Announced

Discover Your Voice & Unlock Your Potential to Influence Others

My new book, 5 Voices, will help.

5 Voices is the code for unlocking a new level of self-awareness and communication for you, your team and your family. I’ve written this book along with my business partner and personality expert Steve Cockram for this reason: To help you quickly discover your true voice (whether it’s Pioneer, Connector, Creative, Guardian or Nurturer) and to fully understand your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of others around you.

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The more leaders I work with, the more I’m convinced: In order to be influential, you have to 1) become extremely self-aware and 2) take time to listen and understand those around you.

It’s that simple.

The 5 Voices has been designed to help you do those two things well. Written for everyday use in the real world, this complete communication tool gives you:

  • An easy-to-use self-assessment for pinpointing who you are and how you contribute in life in the best possible way
  • An in-depth examination of how your words can be offensive and defensive “weapons” through tone, volume, and tact (or lack of it)
  • Concrete action steps for leading people whose voice may be different than yours

Special Team Bonus

We’ve decided to do something a little crazy here at GiANT.

After seeing teams thrive when using the 5 Voices system, we’ve decided to create a “Team Bundle” bonus package worth $1000 that you can get for FREE when you order 10 or more books for your team.

Get $1000 in bonuses when you order 10+ books for your team before March 14th, including*:

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*We’ve limited this offer to the first 300 teams who order 10 or more books.

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Tim Sanders - 5 Voices“You cannot lead people who you cannot connect with powerfully. 5 Voices offers you ways to resonate, motivate and elevate those who follow you or work beside you.”
-Tim Sanders, author of Love is the Killer App: How To Win Business and Influence Friends