Liberator 012: 4 Methods for Leadership Multiplication

Leadership Multiplication

Welcome to the Liberator Podcast, episode #12. Discover the 4 methods for leadership multiplication and how to begin using them inside your team and organization.

The 4 methods are:

  1. Informing
  2. Training
  3. Coaching
  4. Apprenticeship

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Leaders Define Culture

(Sub-Leaders define sub-culture)

Some leaders divide. Others subtract. Some add. But Great Leaders Multiply.

When we say “multiplication”, we simply mean:

Multiplication is the intentional transfer of knowledge, skills, and expertise into the people you lead.”

Without an intentional strategy for leadership multiplication, you will:

  • Leave influence on the table
  • Fail to maximize the full potential of the individuals and organization
  • Reach a Capacity Constraint that Eventually Leads to Burn Out of Key Leaders

The 4 Methods are:


Engaging content well delivered through multiple channels with no interactive process.


A Facilitated Learning Event with clearly defined objectives utilizing a controlled interactive process.


Consistent investment in a small number of leaders over time, a two way interactive learning process with mutually agreed objectives.


Long term investment in selected leaders who have the capacity and desire to replicate your skills and competencies.