3 Reasons To Consider Participating in Exec Core

When you physically work on your Core, you strengthen your entire body. Strong, healthy muscles at the center serve your entire being. The same is true for your leadership muscles at the Core.

We have been working for over 12 years to build something for leaders that help them grow at the highest levels while benefitting their teams and organizations. It is called the Executive Core and our next cohort launches June 23 in Atlanta, GA. We meet 4 times per year (once per quarter), then twice per month via video conference with an additional 1:1 meeting if desired per month. We gather in groups of 8 and we hope to have 4 to 6 groups at the June start.

There are 3 reasons you should consider joining.

1. If you are willing you could grow deeper as a leader than you have ever grown to date

At the Exec Core we focus deeply on Knowing Yourself to Lead Yourself. We have designed a process for you to look at yourself in a mirror to see what it is like to be on the other side of you. The growth program is designed to affect you at work, home, and in your very view of yourself.

2. You will learn tools, language and processes that make you more effective for the rest of your life

We have created memorable tools, comprehensive leadership language and unbelievably practical processes that will affect every culture you are in and benefit those you lead.

3. You will learn how to multiply people and organizations to accelerate health on all those around you

The exec core doesn’t mess around with cheesy leadership programs. We have built an apprenticeship process that raises the capacity of the people by connecting to 90% of an organization. Simply put, we have created a way for leaders to learn how to multiply influence not just add more books to their shelf.

“But I am not an Executive,” you might say. The Exec Core is for people leading people or divisions or organizations. We have entrepreneurs, government leaders, church leaders, some corporate execs, but mostly people who are humble and hungry and willing to grow at levels never before.

Would you be willing to take a look at it? Go to www.executivecore.info and see what others are saying about it. If it isn’t for you then you may know someone that wants to go to the next level with something that truly works. Pass it on to those you know.

Our mission is to help leaders become leaders worth following while leading companies everyone wants to work for. It is a noble mission as we are simply tired of leaders being for themselves rather than for others.

Will you help us?

If you or someone you know may be interested, simply reply to this email or send an email to hello@giantworldwide.com.

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