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Imagine if your team was operating close to 100%. What would that mean for the growth of your division or organization? What would it mean for your bottom line? What would that mean for the culture of your work environment? The 100X Teams program is specifically designed to help teams overcome issues that undermine their potential and reach new levels of performance and productivity.


If you’re the leader of a team, regardless of department, industry, or size, there are certain things you’re searching for. You want a team that is committed to a common vision. You want team members who understand how to communicate with each other. You want a culture that is healthy. You want people who are problem solvers, not complainers. You want less drama and gossip. You want growth that leads to success.


But, there are certain things that suffocate the growth and success of teams, and we all face these issues:

  • Busy Schedules

    Busyness leads to division and disunity.

  • Incompetence

    Low competence and lacking confidence.

  • No Resolutions

    Arguments consistently break out without reaching a solution.

  • Gossip and Drama

    Unhealthy conversations breed a toxic culture.

  • Division

    Arrogance and pride that divides people.

  • Misalignment

    No clear direction or vision.

  • Low Morale

    Team members feel undervalued or used.

  • Low Resources

    Lack of resources or support.


The 100X Teams program is a systematic approach you can use to build high-performing teams throughout your organization. After spending countless hours serving teams across the U.S. and Europe, we’ve identified 6 areas of focus that directly impact the success of your team.









We have found that most people want to empower others, but they don’t know how to create a system to do that inside their teams. That is what we do. We cracked the code that makes it possible to impact over 90% of an organization.

In essence, we help companies create and spread a common leadership language through visual tools to transform teams and leaders into people you want to follow, not have to follow — into Liberators, in other words.

LanguageLeadership Language

Common, Viral Vocabulary

Visual Tools

Simple, Scalable, and Sustainable


Focus on Personal and Team Health


Multiplying Skills and Best Practice


The 100X Teams program can be easily implemented regardless of your organization’s size. We focus first on developing the capacity of each individual, and systematically begin applying it to the team. Here are the 4 components of 100X Teams, and below you will find a breakdown of each component.

  • 1. Team Intensive

    A team intensive is the initial deep-dive we will do with your team to understand each member and establish a foundation to build upon. They are made up of 2 parts: individual leader intensives and a team retreat.

  • 2. Core Groups

    CORE Groups create a safe environment for peer accountability and encouragement. Each group of 6 – 8 members meets twice a month online to share experiences and reinforce the learning from the previous retreat.

  • 3. Quarterly Retreats

    Each quarter, we will take your team and repeat the team retreat process. We use retreats to introduce new concepts and tools as well as continue exploring current challenges and areas for growth.

  • 4. Multiplication

    We will introduce a systematic approach to multiplying leadership concepts, tools and principles to other key teams and throughout the organization.


Team Intensive

Leader Intensive

Each member of the team will undergo a leader intensive. This process takes time to mine out the issues from the past that have often been buried and forgotten; issues which have the capacity to dramatically impact a leader’s capacity to live into their preferred future. We also take time to evaluate the various character/skill challenges each leader will face based on their personality, core motivations, and core drivers. This gives us as GiANT a chance to establish significance and credibility with each individual. It also gives us a chance to begin inputting vocabulary and language that will be useful for the team. Ultimately, the leader intensive will allow us to pinpoint the real issues, challenges, and growth opportunities of the team.

Team Retreat

Once the leader intensives are complete, we bring everyone together for a full team retreat. In this process, we will begin working on the areas that need the most attention and establish a plan moving forward. This process is, at minimum, 24 hours, although we prefer 48 hours to solidify all of the insights and learning.


CORE Group

Monthly Group Sessions

For the next 9 – 12 months, we will then put into the system what we know works: 2 group sessions per month (we call them CORE Groups). Each one is 60 – 90 minutes. GiANT will be on site with your team, reinforcing the learning, and modeling a way for you to use the tools to address real-life team issues. These CORE Groups ensure that the learning from the retreats stays with you.


Quarterly Retreats

Continued Team Development

Then, every quarter, we will take your team and repeat the team retreat process. We’ll have dinner in the evening, then we’ll have a facilitated day where we will put in some new content. We’ll also take time out to reinforce learning up to this point and address the major challenges you are dealing with.



Ultimately, the three components above, the Team Intensive, the Quarterly Retreats and the Core Groups, are all focused on transformation and getting your team closer to 100. The “X” stands for multiplication, and this is where we begin to systematically multiply the learning, tools, and vocabulary throughout your organization.

Examples of Multiplication

Multiplication looks different for every organization, so it will depend on your needs. Here are 4 common scenarios we encounter:

  1. “If our team could actually function, get along well with each other, and enjoy working together, that would be enough!” At which point, we will continue to serve your team as a resource.
  2. “We would like to repeat this exact process with other teams inside our organization.” In this scenario, we would work with you to select the next team(s) to begin the working with, and begin with the Team Intensive process.
  3. “We’d like for you to continue this process with other teams, but we’d also like for you to help us begin leading our own CORE Groups.” In these cases, we select the next team(s) to work with, as well as choose which leaders to begin assisting as they begin to build out more CORE Groups.
  4. “We want you to apprentice the key leaders inside our organization to be able to do what you guys do.” We will work with you to determine which (and how many) leaders to begin apprenticing.